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Our Story

Elysian is more than a jewellery...

The brand

The word “Elysian” derives from Elysian Fields. This name used to describe the heaven in Greek mythology, this brand is meant to be a “heaven” for every jewelry lover.

Τhe brand was founded & established in 2016 in Greece by Panagiota Apostolou with the intention to address to all powerful, modern and effortless women who distinguish quality & style. ELYSIAN collection is based on the idea that jewellery could be more than an accessory. Inspired by simplicity, natural elements, freshness & clarity, the signature of ELYSIAN depicts structured-clean lines & delicate shapes which emphasize timelessness & elegance.

Our mission

Our mission is to create high-end pieces with genuine value and feminine aesthetic that never lose their glamour and their taste. A desire to communicate with the new generation of consumers and propose to them qualitative fine jewellery for the modern woman underpins the brand's identity and offer. The brand has its own identity which translates the trends of the season in a wide jewellery collection.

The brand ELYSIAN is created to celebrate design, innovation & colour in fine jewellery and also create fashion and versatile pieces to empower and equip the modern-intelligent woman and her needs.

Our beliefs

We believe in subtle adornment, and strive to create pieces that are suitable any wardrobe or occasion. We use traditional hand crafting methods of manufacturing our jewellery. We consider that accessories should not overshadow the natural beauty of the woman wearing them. ELYSIAN Jewellery explores the balance between minimalism & the ornate as well as the old and the new.


“The philosophy and the motive to create and design jewellery is based on the idea to share our passion with the world and that is the main reason we become also wholesalers, to bring excitement & glamour of jewels to a much broader audience.

“Be authentic, be unique & always sparkle”