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Handcrafting impeccable jewels around the world's most beautiful designs has been a tradition. The designer has inherent the legacy from her talented father who owns a jewellery workshop in the heart of Piraeus since '70s. The family-owned business has worked and continues to exist in the jewellery industry for decades. Their hands-on knowledge is irreplaceable and adds a unique touch to the luxury-level costume jewellery. The founder's legacy representing the exquisite quality and pioneering craftsmanship that defines the brand's inimitable & unsurpassable style. Today, each piece at ELYSIAN collection has its own story and provenance  a living history.

The Craft: Inspiration in a twist

Our products made exclusively in Greece and are often recognised by their rich, saturated coloured stones in divine designs that channel a modern meet classic sensibility. Each collection builds on a vocabulary of bold statements that aim to elevate the everyday but also the rare occasion. ELYSIAN pieces are uncompromising in craftsmanship combining the sense of avant-garde and timelessness into their distinctive and powerful designs. Inspired by femininity & simplicity the brand was born out of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is embellished with signature metals and stones characterised by timelessness. Characterised by harmonious composition of materials & colour's - with an incredible attention to detail.

ELYSIAN designs, produces and sells pieces globally. Product conception, design and development are housed in ELYSIAN jewellery workshop which based in Athens. Each item is crafted by highly skilled craftsmen.

Jewellery Definitions

The creation of a jewel begins always with a study of the extraordinary the finest stones and materials all executed in the most extraordinary designs. Expertly crafted and chosen for their superlative quality, these luminous stones are the sparks that ignite. All designs are the imaginations of the designer & the execution of skilled craftsmen with deep knowledge, who work closely together to transform each individual thought into collective work of art which underlines expertise in their techniques. The result is brilliant designs of impossible beauty. Remarkable jewels that can only be described as incredible. Innovative design philosophy in which gemstones and metal settings dictate each design. These handcrafted details are the core of ELYSIAN philosophy and add an air of eclectic uniqueness. This is the inherent treasure that the brand remains at the cornerstone of a timeless aesthetic that continues to inspire.

The choice of Materials

The choice of metal is a very important step because is the canvas on which ELYSIAN will put its handcrafted characteristic details. Metals used for an ELYSIAN piece is the first factor that contributes to brands personality and character. ELYSIAN chooses very meticulously its raw materials and the stones that are chosen to be enclosed in the designs.

Our creations are a balanced result of advanced expertise, experience and know-how of talented craftsmen who ensure a high-quality outcome within the time specified by the customer.


ELYSIAN is characterised by clean, distinctive, structural & minimal lines. Finest quality raw materials enhanced by expert craftsmanship, made more alluring with the finishing handcrafted details. Our collection encapsulates one of a kind pieces of high-end jewellery crafted in a divine and impeccable design.


Feminine aesthetic which distinguishes the brand, a lot of love, passion, inspiration craftsmanship just for one Elysian piece