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Design & Inspiration

Handmade & Inspirational Touches

Main source of creativity out came through my journeys around the world, gaining unique experiences, captivating unforgettable memories and trying to decode them in “jewellery language”. Each piece carries a story to remember and I’m willing to sear with me. A magnificent view by the river or the peaceful sea in an island and more. All those come to create a unique personality of the brand which is characterized by a smooth & silky touch with the best materials used by master jewellers who share the commitment to quality & the passion for innovation.

Using innovative techniques developed by skilled and experienced craftsmen, extraordinary jewels are handcrafted in delicate sterling silver with the highest quality of metals and precious gemstones.

Designing progress

The designs represent “effortless luxury” as they created with the intention to give the sense of fashion statement & work of art. The designer is involved in the entire creative process, from the initial sketch to the final piece. The finest metals and precious gemstones are used by the best craftsmen into jewellery of enduring quality and beauty. Brand's approach has always been to design around the individual beauty of every stone and enhance the natural beauty of each design, by creating the perfect setting for each stone to shine. Each creation begins with a sketch made by hand in detail. This convey the designer with the craftsmen fluidity, giving the design the overall harmony which brings out the collective beauty of the setting and the stone.


In the process of creating a jewel what is unseen to the eye is equally important as the surface presentation. After the craftsmen, have placed the stone, the jewel is re-polished to ensure that the luminescence of each stone shines through. Each stone has been cut and polished to release all its brilliance and distinctive beauty.

Final process

After each detail is reviewed meticulously, the finished jewel leaves the workshop. The collective result of effort and skills between craftsmen and the designer, represents the high-quality standards that are synonymous with ELYSIAN name. Pieces are unique, artistic and modern with a sophisticated twist to a classic bling all designed to be cherished and admired. The effort is collective and the attention to detail is singular. We meticulously solder metal, polish gems and hand-set each stone. Every item is carefully inspected before it lands in your hands, and our quality is guaranteed. Every piece we create is one of a kind.

Key brand attributes: craftsmanship, design, femininity, simplicity, luxury

  •  Each product is created in line with key brand attributes to appeal to modern stylish woman of any age
  •  Brand engagement is driven primarily through digital and social media to connect with audiences globally

Created by hand & designed with love...