The e-commerce store created and operates the company under the name Apostolos Panagiota based at 6 Iroon Polytechniou Avenue, Piraeus with Tax Identification Number 800606903, Tax Office A ‘Piraeus tel: +302104131586. The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the online store under the trademark Any user who enters and trades or makes use of the services of the online store (visitor or user or customer depending on whether he is limited to visiting only the store or places and orders and buys products and services) is considered to consent and unconditionally accepts the following terms here formulated, without exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, then it is his responsibility to refrain from visiting, using the website as well as from any transaction or use of the services of the online store. However, any action of the user in the online store, such as browsing, subscribing to the newsletter or purchasing products, is considered as unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use & Conditions.

General reserves the right to freely modify or revise the terms and conditions of use and transactions from the online store, whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform consumers of any change through the online store page. Any changes will take effect from the date they are posted on this site. It is clarified that any change of these Terms of Use & Conditions does not include orders that the customer has already placed in our online store, before the entry into force of the amendments. Use of after the above mentioned modification is considered as acceptance of the Terms of Use & Conditions, as they were modified. Contracts through the online store are drawn up in Greek & English.

Information & Products is committed to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided in the online store, in terms of its identity and the transactions and services provided through the online store., in the context of good faith, is not responsible and is not liable for electronic data entries made by mistake / inadvertence in the common experience and has the right to correct them whenever it realizes their existence. The above warranties are subject to technical or typographical errors, which cannot be predicted or have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions of this website or due to force majeure.

Limitation of liability in the context of its transactions from the online store is not responsible and is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from the cancellation of orders, non-execution or delay in their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, but informs based on the observed data about the availability or not of the interested customer and undertakes in case of change of these data, to inform the customers in time about the non-availability, in which case she bears no further responsibility. has taken all necessary technical and other means to immediately update the available quantity of our products, however it maintains an explicit reservation regarding the validity of the quantities of products available in the online store, as they may be updated within three (3) hours from the moment of their modification. In the context of good faith and transactional ethics, is not obliged to accept orders and enter into sales of products and / or services, which due to typographical or computer error, appear in the online store with an incorrect price, ie lower or higher than the current one during that period. If in the order of more than one product such an error is found in the price of only a part of the ordered products, then the order is valid and executed normally for the other products and is considered incomplete for the products in which the error was found, unless the items in the order are related, they are going to be used as a whole and function as a unit with each other and the Customer declares that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve his needs or interests, so must cancel the entire order. The online store provides the content (eg information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available through the website “as is”. In no case is liable or criminally liable for any damage (positive or negative, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and / or cumulatively consists in loss of profits, data, etc.) that may suffer any visitor of the online store or a third party for reasons related to the operation or not or use of the website and / or inability to provide services  or products and / or information available from him and / or any unauthorized interference by third parties with products and / or services and / or information available through it.

Product availability

The customer is informed about the availability of the products through indications that are placed on the page of each product or service in the online store. Specifically, for each available product the link BUY / ADD TO CART is active, while for each unavailable product the link BUY / ADD TO CART is not active and in its place appears the message “No stock” or the link BUY / ADD TO CART is active and “In stock (can be backordered)” sign is available above ADD TO CART. reserves the right to make its products available if they are not available at the time of ordering. In this case, reserves the right not to accept this order and therefore not to make the sale. Any payments will be returned to the Customer without undue delay, in the same way that the Customer chose to pay for his order.

Special cases of availability are the following:

  • Products with the indication SALE%: The prices of these products are valid until stocks are exhausted. For these products, a strict order of time priority is observed in the execution of orders.
  • reserves the right to inform the customer in case of assistance due to reasons that make the product unavailable or for the possible (new) delivery time if there are reasons for delay in delivery. In this case, if it is deemed that the delay makes the transaction unprofitable for the Customer, the Customer is entitled to unilaterally cancel the order with a written statement (via email to If the order is canceled and thus the sales contract is terminated, the Company must return, without undue delay, all the money paid to it by the Customer.

Intellectual property rights

All online store content, including badges, images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, etc. are the intellectual property of and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or intellectual property of third parties for which is licensed for its own exclusive use and for the operation of its online store. It is forbidden to copy, transfer or create a derivative work based on this content or mislead the public about the actual provider of the online store. Reproduction, republishing, uploading, communication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of or any other copyright holder. The names, images, logos and trade marks listed and describing the online store under the Elysian Jewellery brand or its products or services or those of third parties are the property of Elysian Jewellery or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant commercial law. Their use in the online store does not in any case provide a license or right to use them by third parties.

User Registration

User registration at is optional. Each customer registers only once.

The customer using the unique combination of Email Address (“EMAIL”) and Password that he has chosen and declared, has the following options:

  • To see the contents of his shopping cart (“My Cart”). The Cart displays the products that the customer has chosen to order. The customer can place orders for products, the review or change of which (deletion of items, change of quantities) is possible at any time until the completion of the order.
  • To complete his order and pay by choosing one of the payment options provided by the online store.
  • To see his old orders.
  • To modify the Customer Details of his Account.

The registration and participation of the user is free, personal, non-transferable and inviolable. The user is responsible for the information he / she provides to and the website relies solely on his / her statements regarding his / her personal information. The information entered during registration must be complete, true and up to date. In case of registration of a legal entity as a user, the name of the contact person must be mentioned as well as the full name of the legal entity. In case of change of data, the user is obliged to immediately inform of his new data so that it is always complete and true.

The personal data provided by the user during his registration, processes them exclusively for the purpose

  • creating an account at,
  • the communication with him regarding the transactions between them (eg to ensure the possibility of communication with him, for the completion, sending and delivery of his order, for the payment and the secure financial transaction) and
  • for the sending to it of informative, advertising and promotional material regarding the products and services of the company, including its collaborations with third parties. Regarding the collection and processing of personal data, the terms and provisions of the Personal Data Protection Policy apply.

By registering in accordance with the above, the user gives his explicit consent to the collection and processing of his data under these Terms of use & Conditions and the Privacy & Cookie Policy, which the first he declares that he has read, understands and fully accepts and unreservedly. Personal data is not disclosed to any third party and is managed exclusively for specific purposes.


The newsletters that the visitor / user of the services of the site receives by subscribing freely to the mailing lists are the intellectual property of Elysian Jewellery and are therefore protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law and international conventions. reserves the right not to register a person in the recipient lists or to delete him from them. It may keep a record of recipients’ email addresses for sending other informational or financial messages in addition to newsletters unless the recipient so wishes. is not responsible if the newsletters are not delivered to their destination, although it makes every effort with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to deliver them. Newsletters can end up in the “Spam” folder. In the event that the user wishes to no longer receive newsletters or wishes to be removed from the site’s newsletter system altogether, he or she can update using the site’s contact form or through the corresponding link displayed in the newsletters he or she receives. The website uses a provider (3rd party company) to identify (tracking) the recipients of newsletters. It does not provide third parties with information about name, surname, home address or other personal information

Purchase process through an online store

The visitor can use the categories located in the main MENU of the site, navigate to them and find the product they are looking for. It can also use the product search function through which it can find products based on search terms. He can then add the products to his Cart from the product page by clicking on the link “ADD TO CART”. The visitor can go to his cart by clicking on the bag link which is located at the top right of the website, while he can use the delete link from the cart to remove products from his cart before it order. To complete the registration of his order, the user of has the options (a) to create an account through the “User Registration” discussed above (b) to continue as a “Visitor”. To complete the purchase he must click on the link “ORDER CONFIRMATION” and then he will receive in his email the code and the analysis of his order. In case he has chosen the payment method “Credit or Debit Card”, as soon as he clicks on the link “ORDER CONFIRMATION” he will be automatically transferred to the Piraeus Bank environment to make the payment of the products and then he will receive in his email the code and the analysis of his order.

Payment policy

The listed final prices of the products include VAT. reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer. Regardless of price fluctuations, the customer always pays the value stated on the product at the time of completion of the order registration.

Order cancellation

The user has the opportunity to cancel the order within one (1) hour of its registration (a) by sending an e-mail to with the subject “Order Cancellation” in which he must enter the code of his order or (b) by calling the online service line of the online store: +302104131586.

Modifications of the Service

The online store reserves the right to modify the services provided or to terminate their provision temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. In any case where the customer uses the services of the online store, it is considered that he has unreservedly accepted these Terms of use & Conditions and unreservedly acknowledges that the online store is not responsible to the customer for any modification, postponement or interruption of service.

Products and information - Responsibility of the Online Store

The online store is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by the exchange of information when using the services of the online store resulting from loss or delay in receiving or not receiving or altering data. The information on the products of the online store does not constitute and does not replace any medical advice and in general any advice of any health scientist. The information that accompanies the products is provided for informational purposes only.
The online store always acts in good faith and in accordance with the law and these Terms of use & Conditions. It has therefore taken and continues to take all necessary technical or other measures and to make every effort to
(a) the website and the online store operate smoothly and properly without problems, interruptions, delays, errors or mistakes;
(b) the data / information provided and transmitted through this website on the one hand are not compromised and on the other hand are protected by backup, as the security systems of this website are subject to restrictions;
(c) the technology used by itself or the servers through which our online store is made available to users does not contain viruses or other harmful components or software programs, however the online store DOES NOT PROVIDE RELATED WARRANTIES to all above and is not obliged to compensate the user, in case of any damage for the above reasons.
In addition the online store provides no warranty
(a) the suitability, effectiveness, adequacy of its products for the purpose for which it is intended to be used
(b) for the proper and proper execution of the transaction obligations of the other users of the website and its services. The online store makes reasonable efforts to maintain and make its content available. It does not bear any responsibility for any kind of damage (positive, negative, negligent, intra-contractual or other) resulting from the inability of users to access it, the cessation of all or part of it, the delay, non-delivery, interruption or poor quality of download of its services or loss of their content, the existence of any kind of errors. It is not responsible for any technical problems that may arise to users when they attempt to access the site and during it and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website. It also has no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and especially unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and / or services and / or information available through it.
Except as expressly provided herein, assumes no civil, criminal, or otherwise liability to you and / or any third party for any rights you may have in the event that any of the above, while using the Services and / or of the products of this online store suffer direct, indirect, ancillary, deposit financial or other loss, lost profits due to:
(a) errors, omissions, technical glitches, malfunctions or malfunctions of telecommunication networks, the Internet, the website, Internet Service Providers;
(b) permanent or temporary cessation of operation of the website or certain of its services and / or cessation of supply of certain products through the online store;
(c) facts, situations, actions, acts and / or omissions of the website or third parties including other users for which it does not provide guarantees and is not liable in accordance with the provisions hereof;
(d) information and other content that may be published and communicated by third parties.
The online store reserves the right to deliver the products in cases of force majeure. The site may contain links to other websites. Under no circumstances should you endorse or accept the content or services of other websites that may be linked through links and expressly disclaim any responsibility for any content, privacy policy, quality of content and services. In addition, you are not responsible for the unavailability of these websites, their privacy policy, and the quality and completeness of their information and services. The site does not control or conduct any prudential control over the content and information published and disclosed by third parties and is not responsible for it. is only responsible for fraud and gross negligence, in case

Customer Obligations

The customer of the online store is obliged:

  • Not to use the website of the online store to carry out acts, which may result in criminal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against the online store, for acts, which are indicatively but not exclusively described in the Penal Code , in Special Criminal Laws, in the Telecommunication Legislation, in the Legislation for the protection of Personal Data as well as in the relevant provisions or directives of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Commission, the Personal Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service.
  • Do not infringe any copyright of Elysian Jewelery or third parties.
  •  To strictly comply with the applicable Terms of use & Conditions of the online store as well as the applicable regulations for the protection of personal data of its subscribers and / or visitors of its websites.
  • To provide complete and true personal information during the process of registering as a customer.
  • To update his personal registration details, so that they correspond at all times to his true personal details. In the event that the customer’s registration details are found to be inaccurate, the online store has the right to immediately deactivate the customer’s account by informing him.
  • To keep secret and not to reveal to third parties his password (PASSWORD) to the services of the online store. It is also obliged to IMMEDIATELY inform the online store via email to of any unauthorized use of its password and password. The online store is not responsible for any unauthorized use of its password unless it has been notified in advance.
  • Confirm that he has logged out of his personal account at the end of each session.
  • To provide correct and true payment and delivery details for the orders placed in the online store. The use of the website and the online store for sending in any way, publication, transmission of any content that is illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory, immoral, vulgar, obscene, reinforces or expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination b may be provoked third parties in any way.

Any action or omission that

  1. infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other property rights of both the Company and third parties.
  2. contains viruses or other software that could cause, interrupt, damage, corrupt or interfere with the operation of any software or damage the reputation of elysian jewelery, its affiliates and affiliates and / or other users / members / consumers, or may violate any personal or other data of users of the website / online store.

In addition, it is prohibited:

  1. Any access to or attempted access to information and data (including personal data) circulated through the Website for which there is no authorization or authority to use.
  2. Access to the online store for the purpose of creating or producing a product or service that competes with the products / services of elysian jewelery.
  3. The facilitation in any way and by any means of third parties to access the data provided to by its users
  4. Any form of software piracy, hacking and / or spying, copying, analogue / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, data generation (including personal data) and information, including of the content and material (photos, graphics, texts, etc.) of the site.


SSL Security Protocol

The online store has SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Security Protocol for data encryption. The size of the key used is 2048 bits.

Electronic Dispute Resolution

The online store is fully harmonized with the process of out-of-court settlement of domestic and cross-border disputes in relation to the sales contracts drawn up with each of its users / customers, as described in JM 70330/2015, which includes the regulations regarding adaptation of Greek legislation, in accordance with Directive 2013/11 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the alternative settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC (EEC Directive) and the adoption of additional national measures implementing Regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the electronic settlement of consumer disputes. The Electronic Dispute Resolution platform is directly linked to the competent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies, which undertake the handling of complaints. In Greece, the competent bodies are A) the Independent Authority “Consumer Ombudsman” and B) the Banking – Investment Services Mediator. Instructions for Electronic Dispute Resolution can be found at the following link:

Return Policy

1. Pick up your order but change your mind?

You have the right to withdraw. (article 5 par. 10 of law 2251/1994)

You can return the product to the address Elysian Jewelery, 6 Iroon Polytechniou Ave. 6 185 31 Piraeus Greece and your money will be returned to your bank account or you can request its replacement, within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt.

Otherwise, the credit balance can be left open and you can use it whenever you want in a new order, without a specific time limit.

Before sending the parcel, you must inform by phone at 2104131586 or by e-mail at

The product must be properly packaged to ensure maximum protection. Elysian Jewelery does not bear any responsibility in case of loss or destruction of the product during return shipping.

It must be in its original packaging and in the same excellent condition in which you received it along with the retail sales receipt, the return form and the special markings of the product (cards, etc.).

The product must be intact (no parts removed or any modifications made). An unfinished, damaged, soiled product is not accepted.

The return and the possible new shipment (in case of replacement) is done with the courier company ELTA and the cost of transport is borne by the customer.

You CANNOT return

  • Products on offer
  • Seasonal (charms)
  • Products made to order, custom made or processed to the customer’s order.

2. Receive your order but the product is defective or different from what you ordered?

First of all, we apologize.

We are committed to providing you with the best services and excellent quality products. However, if we have made a mistake or received your package damaged, please let us know by e-mail at to which you will attach your photos. The deadline for information and return or replacement is set at fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the parcel.

The product must be properly packaged to ensure maximum protection, in its full original packaging and in the same condition in which you received it along with the retail receipt and including the special markings of the product (cards, etc.).

The return and the possible new shipment (in case of replacement) is done with the courier company ELTA and the shipping costs are borne by elysian jewelery.